We are very well positioned to identify and assess attractive corporate acquisition possibilities. We support the development of the target company with a long-term perspective, with the aim of creating substantial added value for our shareholders.

Our success is supported by our key strengths

We are the first Nordic SPAC focusing on the growth financing of high-growth technology companies
  • The Company focuses on technology verticals with strong growth potential
  • The Finnish and Nordic markets have the ability to produce potential unicorns[1]
  • The intention is to identify target companies with considerable appreciation potential by employing an investment strategy that has been assessed to be proven
We have a highly experienced team, with uniquely extensive networks to the target companies as well as a strong track record of building international success stories
  • Extensive national and international contact networks that support the identification and development of promising target companies
  • Experience of investing in situations similar to target area
  • Good experience and background in the technology sector and growth finance
  • Extensive experience in the active ownership and development of unlisted growth companies
  • Strong experience in the value creation of listed companies, investor communications and M&A processes
  • Proven ability to grow the shareholder value of investments
We have incentives that are strongly aligned with those of the investors and an efficient structure
  • Efficient raising of growth capital for and long-term commitment to the development of the target company
  • The aligned interests of the Sponsors and investors
  • The company’s Sponsors are desirable owners among target companies


[1] A company whose corporate value is demonstrably in excess of one billion USD