Our primary strategic goal is to detect and acquire an unlisted technology-focused target company with high growth potential, preferably registered in Finland or some other Nordic country. We focus on sectors in which the company’s Sponsors, Management and Board members are experienced. According to our estimate, the market for technology-focused growth companies in particular is promising in Finland and the Nordics.

We focus on technology-driven growth companies

We believe that the suitable acquisition target will be identified in a sector that accords with the company’s strategy, but the company is not in advance ruling out the possibility of an investment in some other sector, in case the growth potential and investment opportunities of such a target company were to be found to be better suited for the company’s investment strategy.

We are seeking as target company candidates later-stage technology-oriented companies that often are not yet generating profit but that has been assessed to have proven business model.

Examples of such companies include, among others, companies seeking to increase their growth by developing their marketing, or striving towards geographical expansion, are endeavoring to expand their product development or otherwise to significantly grow their business operations. Companies in the growth phase that accord with the company’s investment strategy typically still require financial and other development work before they can be assumed to generate profit for investors, but the high risk is typically also balanced by the possibility of attaining high return targets in the long term.

Criteria and characteristics that increase the attractiveness of the target company from Lifeline SPAC I’s perspective
  • A market with high growth potential and favorable long-term trends
  • A noteworthy market position and an unfair competitive advantage
  • Skilled, committed and strong management
  • Value potential worth billions of euros
  • Possibility of financing growth with the owners staying on as major owners and the ability of the target company to benefit from the SPAC structure and the listed environment
  • The target company is able to benefit from the expertise and networks of Lifeline’s Sponsors