The Company complies with the provisions of the EU Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) 596/2014, as amended by the “MAR”) and the lower-level regulations issued thereunder, the Securities Markets Act, guidelines issued by competent authorities and the Guidelines for Insiders issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. In addition, the Company’s Board of Directors has approved the Company’s internal insider guidelines based on the guidance of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.

The Company complies with the MAR trading ban on managers (closed window). In addition, the Company has separately identified persons who contribute to the preparation of the Company’s financial reports or who have access to information pertaining to this and who are not allowed to directly or indirectly trade in or to conclude any transactions on their own behalf or on the behalf of a third party, that relate to the Company’s shares or any debt instruments or to related derivatives or other financial instruments (closed window). The closed window period begins 30 days before the publication of the financial statements report or interim reports and ends on the day following their publication.

Managers’ transactions

The Company shall publish the transaction announcements made by persons discharging managerial responsibilities (managers) and their closely associated persons in a stock exchange release without delay and no later than two (2) business days after receiving the notification.

The Company has defined the following persons as managers (“Managers”) within the meaning of Article 3 (1) (25) of the MAR Regulation:

  • members and deputies of the Company’s Board of Directors;
  • the CEO of the Company and their deputy;
  • members of the Management Team; and
  • members of the Sponsor Committee.

Managers’ transactions


The Company has internal procedures in place to report suspected fraud or other violations, including any breaches of financial markets regulation in the company.

Reports may be submitted through the Company’s Whistleblowing Channel here.

Reports sent through the channel are directed to Lifeline SPAC I Plc’s CEO Tuomo Vähäpassi and Chair of the Board of Directors Timo Ahopelto.