The primary strategy of Lifeline SPAC I is to identify and acquire an unlisted target company with high growth potential operating in the technology sector. The core of our strategy is to carry out the acquisition through a share consideration, in which case the funds raised by the company from the IPO will be used to finance the growth of the target company.

Our investment strategy includes detecting such corporate acquisition targets and carrying out such acquisitions that will provide considerable long-term value to shareholders. We are seeking a target company with excellent long-term growth and internationalization potential that we, along with our Sponsors, can support and accelerate.

Our target segments include, for instance, enterprise software, healthtech, climate technology, digital consumer products and services, as well as robotics and hardware. These technology segments represent markets that are extremely large globally, with also a very strong growth outlook. Lifeline SPAC I has not yet identified a potential acquisition target company, but the potential of the target market has already been evaluated.

How we detect an investment target

Generally speaking, the company’s investment strategy is rooted in the notion that the best possible way of creating value for the shareholders in the long term is to select a target company whose growth and development may be supported through leveraging the company’s extensive expertise and experience as well as its international contact network.

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